Diffusion MRI workshop: Videos now online

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Do Tromp 0 Comments

The videos and slides of the 2013 workshop on diffusion imaging in traumatic brain injury are now available online, with links to the suggested reading materials:

You can find a selection of videos that are of general interest to DTI researchers after the break.

DTI-STUDIO software for image processing

Susumu Mori, Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland (USA)
Presentation Slides (PDF, PPT)
Further Reading:
DTI Studio

CAMINO and DTI-TK advanced diffusion MRI pipeline for traumatic brain injury

Gary Hui Zhang, Univ. College London (UK)
Presentation Slides (PDF, PPT)

MedInria neuroimaging software system and traumatic brain injury

Oliver Commowick, INRIA VISAGES, Rennes (France)
Presentation Slides (PDF, PPT)
Further Reading: