Visualization tool: TrackVis

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 Do Tromp 0 Comments

TrackVis is a software tool that can visualize and analyze fiber track data from diffusion MR imaging (DTI/DSI/HARDI/Q-Ball) tractography. Features of TrackVis include:
  • Cross-platform. Works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with native look and feel.
  • A variety of track filters (track selecting methods) allowing users to explore and locate specific bundles with ease.
  • Multiple rendering modes with customizable scalar-driven color codes.
  • Real-time parameter adjustment and 3D render.
  • Open format of the track data file allowing users to integrate customized scalar data into the track file and visualize and analyze it. Save and restore scenes in XML style scene file.
  • Statistical scalar analysis of tracks and ROIs.
  • Synchronized real-time multiple dataset analysis and display allowing time-point and/or subject comparison. Synchronized analysis and display on same dataset can also be performed in real-time remotely over the network.
  • Upfront in-line parameter adjustment in real-time. No tedious pop-up dialogs.
You can find a great tutorial and overview on their website: